What Are the Best Toy Breeds for Elderly People?

There are a lot of toy breeds out there, some of which are better suited to be pets and companions for senior citizens. The following small breeds are some of the best choices.

Welsh Corgis

The Corgi is a very popular breed these days and while they aren’t quite small enough to fall under the umbrella of toy breeds per se, they’re still a great choice of pet for elderly people, provided that they have the space for a medium-sized dog. Welsh Corgis can be as large as 25 pounds, although their stocky frame means that they’re a little smaller than you might expect for this weight. Intelligent and easily trained, these are dogs who want to be wherever their owners are; which makes this breed one of the better companion animals.

Boston Terriers

Resembling a small bulldog, Boston terriers are both loyal, affectionate pets and clownish companions which are eager to please. The breed is descended from working dogs but has been bred specifically as a companion. These compact, generally very quiet dogs make wonderful pets and if properly socialized as puppies, get along well with people (including grandchildren coming for a visit), other dogs, cats and other animals.


The Chihuahua hails from Chihuahua state, Mexico and have become a fairly popular pet on both sides of the Rio Grande. Their small stature makes them well suited for apartment living; they’re roughly the size of a cat, but they have the bark of a much larger dog. Alert and playful, Chihuahuas can be stubborn, but with a little patience, they can be wonderful pets as well as excellent guard dogs.


The Maltese is one of the better known toy breeds. Originally bred in the Mediterranean nation of Malta, this is a very small breed — but is much tougher than its diminutive size might suggest. Maltese dogs are very affectionate, love spending time with people and are easy to train due to their high intelligence; however, they need daily brushing and grooming because of their long coats.

These are just a few of the many toy breeds which elderly people considering getting a pet may want to think about. There are many other choices, but of course, choosing a pet is a personal, subjective matter. If you’re choosing a pet for a relative, the information here may help you to make a choice which is a good match for your loved one’s wants and needs. If you’re a senior citizen looking for a small dog, keep the breeds listed above in mind; but as always when adopting a pet, it’s a good idea to meet the animal first if at all possible.

A dog can be a friend for life. All they ask of you is food, water, shelter and of course, love. If you take good care of your pet, they’ll do the same for you, regardless of your age.

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